Spirulina – The Amazing Ingredients Contained in Spirulina

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Most people when they think of algae conjure up images of a seaweed type substance found in the sea or indeed a substance found in ponds which fish tend to live on and not the image of something that is actually very good for you health wise. Spirulina is the name given to these blue-green algae and to include it in your diet can work wonders for your health.

Spirulina comes in all sorts of different forms, from people eating it in its rawest form to tablets and other food products that contain these healthy algae. Whichever form you wish to take it, the health benefits are amazing. Although very good for you, it does have to be taken in large doses and regularly for you to feel and see the benefits. Some people take it in a daily smoothie which will give them a great amount of multi vitamins and is easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

What does Spirulina contain?

· Iron

· Magnesium

· Enzymes

· Protein

· Antioxidants

· Phytonutrients

· Thermophilic

· Omega fatty acids

These are just some of the goodness that Spirulina contains plenty of. The one thing that it does not contain is a high amount of calories, in fact it is very low in calories, a major plus if you are trying to shed those excess kilos. It is also very good to take as a supplement if you find your diet does not consist of very many vegetables and other healthy foods. Amazing to think that a small amount taken in a daily smoothie can actually equate to the same amount of two good servings of vegetables.

People who regularly take Spriulina report of major benefits to their skin as it is claimed to greatly slow down the ageing process, something that everyone is secretly longing for, not to mention a great sense of well being. The benefits within your body are amazing too because of all the vitamins and minerals that it contains it is actually great for every working part in your body.

One of the other major benefits is that it is a great way to ensure your body regularly detoxifies something which everyone’s body can greatly benefit from. By detoxifying the body can reject all its impurities and the effects of this are truly amazing. So if you are looking for ways to vastly improve your health through your diet then maybe it is time to try Spirulina and start treating your body like the temple it is, what you will have in return is a great feeling of wellness, a chance for your body to fight off illness and of course skin that will define the test of time. What more could you want? Whether it is in tablet form, or foods that naturally contain it or with a morning smoothie to set you up for the day, one thing is for sure, once you try it you will be so amazed with the results you really will not want to stop.

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For further reading: http://www.spirulina-uk.com

Spirulina Is One Of The Best Vitamin Supplements On The Market

With a normal diet and a balanced lifestyle there is little need for one to turn to vitamin supplements; yet, as there are plenty of problems that trigger deficiencies, such supplements could be real life saviors. They have to be used wisely and only after your body needs have been assessed and evaluated by means of thorough medical tests. Nevertheless, vitamin supplements are not substitutes for a healthy and rich diet, since they cannot provide an exact replica of all the important nutrients that you’d otherwise find in fruits and vegetables. Regular body growth and functioning does not require too large a quantity of vitamins and minerals, therefore the dosage needs to be adapted to age and body necessities.

Vitamin supplements help to the proper development of specific biological processes, from the digestive to the nervous functions. One would not be able to use the proteins, the fats and the carbohydrates from the diet if it weren’t for the action of certain vitamins on them: thus body energy is produced and tissues are repa
ired. Despite the myth that vitamin supplements will cause one to put on weight, vitamins bring absolutely no caloric supply, as they are simply involved in the conversion of food into energy.

There are several things one needs to consider before choosing certain vitamin supplements. A general rule says that you need to read all the list of ingredients written on the label, including the directions concerning the recommended dosage. Such administration details very much depend on the presentation form of the vitamin supplements: do they come in packets, teaspoonfuls or capsules? The best way to make a wise choice is ask for your doctor’s opinion, since you thus avoid the use of mega-doses that will do more harm than good in the end. Usually, vitamin supplements are combined with minerals, since these substances are also vital for the proper body working.

From the two major types of vitamin supplements: natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins, the warmest recommendation would go towards the former. Yet, the important thing is not to let yourself think that any product that you find advertised on the Internet as “natural” is the best to use. Herbal extracts with a high vitamin intake can be found in drug stores and department stores as well, they need to have all the ingredients specified on the label and follow the trodden path, meaning that they should sound familiar to you at least by name. Spirulina, for instance, is presently labeled as one of the best vitamin supplements on the market, but there are plenty of other “natural” examples too.

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